Crochet Itty Bitty Christmas Kitty

Crochet Itty Bitty Christmas Kitty


Hey there, welcome to Today we would like to share with you an article about crocheting this super cute itty bitty Christmas kitty that you can see on the photos. Since the Christmas is almost here and we have shared many different Christmas related crochet projects with you, it’s time to make another, one last Christmas related crochet project for this year.

The itty bitty Christmas kitty is very easy to crochet and tryst me you are going to get the result that will amaze you if you follow the pattern step by step really carefully. You can use the colors you want your kitty to be. I am surely going to name my crochet itty bitty Christmas kitty, I think I am going to name her snowball and crochet it with using the white yarn.

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View pattern via link below:

Crochet Itty Bitty Christmas Kitty

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