Beautiful Blouse-Step by Step


Beautiful Blouse-Step by Step

Hi my Dear friends ! Today Design Birdy and I are presenting gorgeous  project  – Crochet Blouse. The crochet is already considered a luxury item. Many Designers are using this method for their collections.  I think this piece is one  of perfect example of luxury. The whole article with graphic explanation is under the  text and you will appreciate it. Summer is coming and we  all need something new and special. This blouse isn’t for casual looks, but for the beach, pool, and even ballads and glamorous parties. Besides this, this  blouse would be the perfect gift for everybody-  hand made things are very original- you are investing not only the money, but time. You can adjust colors to your taste, but  I think the one on the picture is wonderful. So I wish you all good wishes and enjoy  with the pleasure of crochet.

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Crochet Blouse

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